Phung Hung King| Duong Lam Ancient Village

phung hung king

Phung Hung King -Vietnam National King According lo historical records, Phung Hung was born in Duong Lam. In the year 791, he gathered the people and rose up in arms against the An Nam Colonial Office. After Phung Hung died, the people showed deep gratitude and praised him as “The Great Father and Chieftain.” The […]


Duong Lam Ancient Village Tour 1 Day

duong lam ancient village entrance gate

[tabs] [tab_title]BRIEF[/tab_title] [tab_content]   A journey to Duong Lam Ancient village is a trip to trace back the origin of Vietnam’s culture and Vietnam’s traditions. This is also the great chance to explore architecture of ancient houses while wander along its narrow alleyways, visit temples dedicated to the two kings born there, and most interesting […]