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Batavia Restaurant in Hanoi (Halal Hanoi Restaurant)

Address: Ngoc Ho, Ba Đinh, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Batavia Restaurant & Cafe established since 2016, serve Halal food with Halal certification. Pioneered and owned by a devout Muslim married couple who have lived in Hanoi, Vietnam for more than a decade, who have passion and vision to provide Halal food in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Halal Food

Batavia Restaurant & Cafe is an Indonesian restaurant that provides authentic Indonesian cuisine, with Head Chef and kitchen team hired directly from Indonesia to deliver the right Authentic Indonesian cuisine taste.


Batavia also has delicate Asian oriental food menu with many varieties. All dishes served at Batavia Restaurant are halal food; does not contain pork and with all meat slaughter process by Muslim, as according in Islamic law.


The various menus offered by Batavia Restaurant include; light meals, salads, soups, beef, chicken, seafood, dessert, juice, smoothies and other drinks.


Rendang, ayam penyet with sambal terasi chili sauce, chicken satay, grilled fish, rib soup, Gado-Gado and sayur asem are some examples of Batavia Restaurant famous menus that you MUST TRY!


With the humble Indonesian hospitality, Batavia Restaurant is the right choice to make you feeling home while you enjoy the delicious Halal Indonesian food with Indonesian ambience



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