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Mui Ne -One of the best destinations for adventure tourism

mui ne beach

Mui Ne – Beach resort

Those who want an action-packed weekend need to check out this coastal town and what it offers.

Take a trip to the resort town of Mui Ne in Binh Thuan Province to find out why it’s considered one of the best destinations for adventure tourism.

For years its “Little Moscow,” beautiful beaches and seafood have pulled in many visitors, but Mui Ne has recently emerged as a paradise for adrenaline addicts.

Strong winds, big waves and an all-year tropical climate mean that, for the town, everything just clicks.

That’s why Singapore-based news and lifestyle site Asia One has dubbed Mui Ne one of the best five places in Asia for sports fans.

The other four are: Macau, Nepal, Palawan and Singapore.

“Mui Ne offers many exciting water sports like windsurfing, surfing, jet-skiing, and kayaking. To further appease the adrenaline junkie’s thirst for adventure, there is also kite-surfing,” Asia One said.

“Similar to but not the same as regular surfing or windsurfing, in kite-surfing, you ride a modified surfboard or kite-board on the waves while holding onto a specially-designed parachute-like kite, relying on only the wind to push you forward,” it said.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Mui Ne still manages to preserve some of its old-time charm.

At least for a day, walk away from the tourist hubs and blend in with the fishing communities. Many locals will be happy if you want to help.

Or take a 20-kilometer bike ride to Bau Trang, a freshwater lotus lake with mesmerizing green water. Motobikes are also available for rent.

But the journey is even better than the destination. Along the way, you will find creamy white sand dunes, as if you just walked into a magical world.

If you want to play with the sand, rent a jeep or slide down the dunes.

Why not give your stomach an adventure too?

The seafood is as fresh as you expect. But there’s more. Try banh can, the signature dish of the region.

Watch local cooks make it for you by pouring rice flour into the mold. The cakes are best served hot with a dipping sauce that combines fish sauce, egg, green mango and pork skin. Because nothing in Mui Ne is ever boring.

Mui Ne Tour

By Minh Nga

Top photo by Huynh Hiep from VnExpress Photo Contest