phung hung king
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Phung Hung King -Vietnam National King

According lo historical records, Phung Hung was born in Duong Lam. In the year 791, he gathered the people and rose up in arms against the An Nam Colonial Office. After Phung Hung died, the people showed deep gratitude and praised him as “The Great Father and Chieftain.”

The shrine dedicated to Phung Hung King is located on a low hill in the west of Cam Lam hamlet. The front yard of the shrine is flanked by two side-buildings. At the center is the front worship hall followed by the rear worship hall. The front worship hall is dedicated to the high-ranking mandarins of Phung Hung, and the rear worship hall is dedicated to Phung Hung King. The front worship hall was built in 1882. In the past, the center of the floor was paved with bricks. There were three altars: the altar at the center was used to worship the high-ranking mandarins, the left-hand side altar was dedicated to the deity of the village which organized the festival, and the right-hand side altar was dedicated to the deities of the other villages. The rear worship hall is also considered to have been built in the latter half of the 19th century. The structure and decoration of this building contain many old characteristics.

phung hung temple in duong lam village

Phung Hung Temple